Solar PV is an investment

At SolarSol we specialises in providing Solar PV that makes financial sense. 

SageUsage2The moment the sun starts shining solar PV generates electricity, reducing cash spend on electricity which would normally directly reduce the bottom line profitability of a business.

Our overall objective is not only to provide a quality solar PV installation but to also ensure that the cash savings provided by the installation generates an acceptable investment return.

The solution therefore not only pays for itself but generates future cash flows for the business.

As part of the services we offer we also provide business executives with a Solar PV business case that can be taken to the company Board for capex approval and referred to in their integrated reporting.

We only supply tier one equipment which includes SMA, ABB, SolarEdge and Kaco inverters.  Panels supplied include Trina, Jinko, Hanwha and Canadian Solar.  All equipment is supplied with original equipment manufacturer warranties.

webconnect mobile 02All of our installations are web connected enabling the authorised persons to log on at any time and be able to track not only the systems production but also the overall business consumption at any point in time.  Access may be via personal computer or handheld mobile device, making it convenient for obtaining better insight into a sites electrical consumption.

We believe in safety first at the work place. Our installation staff receive regular training regarding safety requirements and we carry the necessary insurances and are compliant with the safety requirements of the general industrial environment. All our staff will be equipped with the required PPE to perform tasks safely.