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Sage landscape

404 kWp Sage Head Office installation with the Kelvin power station in the background.



SolarSol provides tier one solar PV equipment to commercial and industrial customers through a national installer network.

Solar savings are maximised by using the latest enginineering design technology, a low cost distribution network and green-card qualified solar PV specialists.

SolarSol assists customers in accessing solar finance and is able to structure monthly repayments to have price parity with the utility power provider.

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SolarSol is a partner of Jubaili Bros Solar, a division of Jubaili Bros, which has 40 years of experience in delivering power solutions to Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

As a Jubaili Bros Solar partner, SolarSol supplies SMA and Huawei Inverters, and K2 Systems mounting structure. Inventories of these components are carried in South Africa, Nigeria, UAE and Lebanon. We also keep inventories of Canadian Solar and Trina Solar Panels.

Business executives are offered a complimentary solar PV business case that may be taken to the company Board for capex approval and referred to in integrated reporting.

webconnect mobile 02All of our installations are web connected enabling the authorised persons to log on at any time and be able to track not only the systems production but also the overall business consumption at any point in time.  

We believe in safety first at the work place. Our installers perform regular training regarding safety requirements, carry the necessary insurances, and are compliant with the safety requirements of the general industrial environment.