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SolarSol retails solar PV equipment to the residential market at competitive prices.

Tier-one equipment is supplied ensuring a long, hassle free, life time of use.

Brands supplied include SMA, Huawei, Canadian Solar and BYD.

Panels are supplied with warranties of 10 years and linear-output production warranties of 25 years.  Residential inverters have a 5 year warranty but their actual life time may be much more.

Lithium ion batteries are recommended as they have the lowest, long-term cost when batteries are utilised frequently.  Lithium ion batteries may be 100% discharged whereas other battery types are normally recommended for between 50-80% discharge capability.


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Tips for residential users

  1. There is no business case for residential solar PV although monthly electricity bills will decrease.
  2. Solar PV and batteries are too costly for going "off-the-grid".
  3. Use Solar PV and batteries to provide power for “essential equipment” on one phase of the electricity supply (e.g. fridges, lights, computers, TV, Wi-fi).
  4. Heating and cooling equipment (e.g. stoves, heaters, air conditioners, geysers, blow driers) and non-essential equipment (e.g. pool pumps) should not be powered by solar batteries.
  5. Invest in quality “tier one” equipment.
  6. Solar PV and batteries are expensive, but the life of the tier one equipment must be considered: Solar PV will last up to 25 years and batteries can last up to 10 years depending on use.
  7. Online metering is essential. Measuring electricity consumption on an hourly basis will drive changes in consumptive behaviour.
  8. Start small: Invest in a scalable battery system with a good battery inverter.
  9. Install solar batteries and a battery inverter first with the minimum number of batteries. The system will provide power during load shedding and recharge from Eskom. Good systems will come with metering and online web monitoring.
  10. Reduce electricity consumption through:
    1. Efficient light bulbs,
    2. Gas cooking,
    3. Alternative heating sources,
    4. Low energy motors,
    5. Solar thermal geyser,
    6. Timers, and
    7. Turning lights out when not in the room.
  11. Expand the battery pack if required after adjusting behaviour from monitoring.
  12. Add solar panels and a solar PV inverter to the battery pack based on the size of the metering and reduced load requirements. This will generate your own electricity and provide some independence from Eskom.
  13. Businesses from home may benefit from tax incentives. Speak with your tax advisor.
  14. The best source of finance is the bond on your house.  Speak to your local banker.
  15. Utilise SolarSol to design and install the solar PV.  Contact us today.


SolarSol providing energy security for you and your family.