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We help the world transition to renewable energy by maximising our customers' solar savings.


SageGoogleEarthsmallSecure yourself cheaper electricity.  Solar PV is the  better choice for companies and for the environment.

SolarSol's value proposition is based on supplying reliable, low cost, renewable energy solutions that maximises energy savings.

A detailed business case is prepared for every installation and the output of our solar systems is guaranteed.

Our customers can have confidence that with a SolarSol installation they are maximising their energy savings.


Our value proposition:

  • A financial business case is prepared for all installations to ensure the solar PV provides value.
  • Where possible we target additional cash generation in year one for our customers.  This free liquidity generation is often a prime driver for our smaller commercial customers.
  • Tier one solar PV equipment is provided at wholesale pricing.
  • Our supplier value chain enables us to reduce duplicated EPC design and installation costs.
  • We assist in sourcing finance and structuring the transaction to meet price parity with your local utility.
  • Our installations are Sapvia Green-Card certified, and
  • The electricity generation capability of the solar system is guaranteed. 



Pictures are of our 404 kWp Sage Head Office installation with the Kelvin power station in the background.