Enjoy the solar savings,

    • A kWh charge lower than the utility providers price,
    • Low annual price increases,
    • Obtain 100% of all the KVA savings,
    • Obtain 100% of the benefit of any sales to the local electricity provider,
    • Ownership is automatically transferred at the end of the finance period, and
    • Long term finance periods of up to 12 years.

  • and SolarSol takes the solar & operational risks,

     All monitoring and maintenance costs are provided for in the finance charge, leaving businesses to focus on their operations.


    SolarSol moves solar finance to the next level!

    • The generation capacity of the solar PV system can be guaranteed,
    • Pay off the solar system as electricity is generated on a per kWh basis,
    • Finance facilities are not of the traditional banks and banking lines will be unaffected,
    • Fixed term rates for up to 12 years, and
    • Interim funding provided between ordering and installation completion.



    Terms and conditions apply